A unique construction

The cellar

The “zero kilometer” of the wine route
of Château La Grâce Dieu des Prieurs.

The cellar

The cellars on a circular path at the lowest level of the underground gallery, whose materiality of coating is reminiscent of the rock, make it possible to store all the vintages of the renovated château.

The entirety of the Radoux Blend Barrels Park is renewed every harvest. By selecting exclusively the pieces of wood with extra fine grains, the breeding reveals the characteristics of the product, to perfect its rich organoleptic properties. This perfect harmony between wood and wine is the most beautiful cradle for raising the vintages of the Russian Art Collection to their full maturity.

The crypt

This box of glass and concrete contains two cellars just under the vat room where the precious juice flows after vinification. They allow indifferently to carry out the malolactic fermentations and the raising of the wines in the barrels of oak wood. Precise control of temperature and hygrometry is performed.