The vineyard of Château La Grâce Dieu des Prieurs covers 9 hectares spread over several parcels, including 1 hectare dedicated to the production of Chardonnay.

The vineyard is composed of 80% Merlot and 20% Cabernet Franc. The average age of the vines is 44 years.

No less than 60 000 vines allow us to produce and to offer you wines of excellence.

The wine estate to ensure the quality of its vintages through a “tailor-made” production thanks to manual harvesting and environmentally conscious practices.


Château La Grâce Dieu des Prieurs uses a method not widely used in Saint-Emilion, the « Double Cordon de Royat » pruning technique. This process of pruning by limiting the yield allows to obtain bunches of incomparable quality and thus highlights the position of the Château as a Grand Cru.

Louis Mitjavile, our vineyard and wine consultant, shares his advice and leads the teams of Château La Grâce Dieu des Prieurs throughout the year with his famous expertise.

Between tradition and modernity, the work in the vineyard has been facilitated and re-thought to create a high-quality wine and to meet the global image of the Château.


During the harvest, the grapes are rigorously selected by hand by the pickers before arriving at the cellar.
“We harvest it with a slight over-ripening, the grape is often fragile. It is therefore important to put it quickly into the vat, without handling it too much, and to protect it from oxidation to keep it as fresh as possible”.

Each grape variety is then vinified separately, then slowly pressed in 5 stages for a delicate extraction to preserve the pips.

The Château brought together a team of experts, each one recognized in its field, with the ambition of carrying high the identity of the Grand Cru.


Since the beginning we have chosen to concentrate on the creation of a unique Cuvée.

The vat room has been designed so that the precious juice flows by gravity to limit transfers. The average duration of maceration of the juice is 3 to 4 weeks, then the pressing is carefully considered, organized, and programmed according to the type of harvest.

The wine then continues its progress in the crypt where it will age. To perfect the organoleptic properties of the wine, the Château selects pieces of wood with extra fine grains from the Radoux cooperage. All Radoux Blend barrels are renewed at each harvest.

The vatThe cellar