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Excellence between tradition and modernity

The shape

A particular shape of the bottle reflects the harmony of tradition and modernity. Thickset and wide in diameter, the bottle of Art Russe Grand Cru Château La Grâce Dieu des Prieurs came to us from the past. This shape not only emphasizes the beauty of works of Russian artists on the labels, but also ensures preservation of all taste properties of the wine and its optimal long-term storage. Amorim, a recognized natural cork manufacturer, is the château’s supplier of high-quality corks. Château La Grace Dieu des Prieurs chose for a true «precious liquid vessel», which preserves and allows transmitting all aromatic properties and characteristics of the grapes.


Twelve emblematic works by major Russian artists adorned the labels of the bottles of the 2014 vintage.

The foundation, which has a large private collection of Russian art from the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries,
has granted the Château La Grace Dieu des Prieurs the right to use his name and reproductions of paintings to magnify the wines, twelve paintings by vintage.

Wooden case for 6 bottles

The traditional case contains 6 bottles of the same vintage. This resolutely elegant case is made of raw wood evoking the vine and the terroir of the estate. As soon as the case is opened, these artistic bottles placed side-by-side reveal the artworks that decorate them, offering a true moment of aesthetic discovery as a suitable preamble to a unique tasting experience.


Chateau La Grace Dieu des Prieurs also releases the wooden boxes for one bottle.

Gift box

A gift box has been devised in the continuity of the philosophy of the project carried by Jean Nouvel.

Made from the domain’s characteristic materials, wood and concrete, this box has been designed as a modern setting. With its form with rounded and clean lines, and the harmony between these two raw materials, it turns into a true object of art. The box is kept and exposed as an art object, to recall the flavors and character of the wine once the tasting is over.

Gift box elected SPIRIPACK D’OR 2017 at the Salon Innovation Packaging and designed and produced by WilldCat Packaging.


Lover of chess since his earliest childhood, Andrei Filatov, the founder of Russian Art, is also President of the Russian Chess Federation.

This great admirer of the French-Russian player Alexander Alekhine works actively to promote the art of chess in the world. Perfect expression of the three passions of Andrei Filatov, wine, art and chess, this fund in which nest six bottles of Saint Emilion Grand Cru houses a surprise in all originality. When it is returned, a set of chess figures and a chessboard are revealed, alternating red and cream squares as was the tradition of Russian yesteryear. This elegant and unexpected piece takes the codes of the domain through a sober design exalted by a wooden confection.

Practical information: Box containing 6 bottles adorned with 6 different works of art, randomly selected from the 12 versions available.


Chateau La Grace Dieu des Prieurs has elaborated a unique gift packaging solution: three bottles of Art Russe in a red genuine soft leather box is an exclusive gift for devotees who are passionate both about fine wine and elegant luxury.

The box comes complete with a superb Harmonia Mundi disc of Sergei Rachmaninov’s 24 preludes performed by Nikolai Lugansky.