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Every year, the Isle of Beauty brings together lovers of dreamlike landscapes, turquoise water and long starry nights. With its unique climate and fine food, Corsica boasts a way of life envied by angels. Similarly to Chateau La Grace Dieu des Prieurs, the Grand Hotel de Cala Rossa values excellence in French savoir-faire and the Mediterranean way of life.

Those who come here invariably sink into reverie and languor. A glass of delightful wine and the eternity of a magical evening… The wine Chateau La Grace Dieu des Prieurs caresses the five senses with a gentle breeze from the millennial slopes of Saint-Emilion. Based on know-how, tradition and modernity, the agreement between the Grand Hotel de Cala Rossa and Chateau la Grace Dieu des Prieurs – Russian Art collection – will magnify the sensitivity of travellers arriving in search of heaven on Earth.

The Canarelli family – owners of the Grand Hotel de la Cala Rossa – and Patrick Fioramonti – restaurant manager and the Isle of Beauty wine ambassador – are known to have significant clout in the luxury hotel industry. For Laurent Prosperi and the entire team of Chateau la Grace Dieu des Prieurs, this choice is the recognition par excellence of Corsican gastronomy, a pillar of the “sweetness of living”.

«If there is «the grace of God» in Corsica and more particularly in Porto-Vecchio, it is now possible to enjoy «nectar of the Gods» from Saint-Emilion at the Grand Hotel de Cala Rossa.»

Laurent Prosperi, Director of Chateau La Grace Dieu des Prieurs