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Ref: #2 of 07 January 2021

ATTN: Mr. Andrei Filatov, Chairman of the Board, Tuloma Investment Company

Dear Mr. Filatov,

I would like to offer my sincere congratulations on the Gold Medal awarded to Cuvée Elena, your very first white wine vintage and the first-ever Chardonnay out of Saint-Emilion, at one of the most prestigious global wine competitions ‘Global Chardonnay Masters 2020.

This victory is a well-deserved recognition of the long and painstaking work of your team at Chateau La Grace Dieu des Prieurs, crowning the deep respect for the traditions of the great French art of winemaking.

We are delighted that Cuvée Elena 2019 has been recognized by leading wine experts as one of the best Chardonnays globally.

I warmly congratulate you on this outstanding victory and wish you success in all your future endeavours.

Pavel Shinsky

Managing Director