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Chateau La Grace Dieu des Prieurs has applied for the Red Dot Award. A unique chess case for six bottles of wine from the Art Russe collection will be evaluated in the Beverage Packaging category.

First created in 2015, the Saint-Emilion wine-and-chess case has been updated by the Chateau team in 2021, using innovative solutions. It is the updated version that has now gone to the city of Essen (Germany), the hometown of the Award. The results of the Red Dot Award will be announced in April 2022.


The Chateau La Grace Dieu des Prieurs wine-and-chess case is made of lightweight, durable natural MDF Valchromat. The square lid bearing the winery’s logo flips over to reveal a chessboard, with a set of boxwood chess pieces nestling in special niches. The colors of the board squares and the chess pieces – cream and red – correspond to the color scheme of the ART RUSSE brand. The outside of the box is decorated with red natural leather, which is also used in other types of Chateau La Grace Dieu des Prieurs premium packaging solutions.

The owner of Chateau La Grace Dieu des Prieurs, businessman and President of the Russian Chess Federation Andrei Filatov was the author of the idea of the wine-and-chess case. The concept consisted of creating a themed premium case, which would serve for many years after the wine is finished. Many types of premium packaging cases are thrown away the moment the wine is drunk. Therefore, in pursuit of making eco-friendly packaging, the Chateau team has created a multifunctional accessory serving as both a luxurious and secure frame for their prestigious wine, and a beautiful, handy chess set. The lovers of the noble game will be able to use and enjoy the Art Russe chess case for many years, giving the wine packaging a second life. At the same time, the case is a classy interior design object.

The chess pieces included in the set are weighted and convenient for players. In addition to being eco-friendly and functional, the chess case from Chateau La Grace Dieu des Prieurs is imbued with a cultural and historical meaning. The red and cream colors of the board send chess lovers and history buffs back to the early 20th century, when Alexander Alekhine became World Chess Champion. During the Art Deco period, chess boards in similar colors were in vogue in both Russia and France.

In December 2021, the Art Russe wine-and-chess case was presented to the World Champion Magnus Carlsen as a special prize of the World Chess Championship held in Dubai on the EXPO2020 platform.

Earlier, Art Russe wines have already participated in the Red Dot Award. In 2021, Chateau La Grace Dieu des Prieurs won a prestigious award in the Beverage Packaging category for the design of the bottle and case for their Cuvée Elena.


The Red Dot Award design competition is organized by the Verein Industrieform association (Germany). The first edition of the competition was held in 1955 in Essen. Subsequently, the project became international and was named the Red Dot Award. Today the competition spans 51 categories covering all aspects of design, from product to communication. Over the years, Apple, Omega, Grohe and LG products have won Red Dot awards. There are three Red Dot Design Museums around the world, which exhibit winning products from different years: in Essen (Germany), Singapore, and Xiamen (China).